How much does that cost?

Each Club Skill requires dollars, emeralds and diamonds to be raised. This is why we have to ask you for all three. Some clubs charge more or less depending on what their clubs needs are at the time.

Everytime a Club Skill is raised the cost increases the next time.

Each Tomato cost 3 diamonds for just one.

Each egg cost 3 emeralds for just one.

To raise the Popular Club Skill from 45 to 46 will be $240, 000, 700 emeralds & 200 diamonds

To raise the Hospitable Club Skill from 43 to 44 will be 20, 000, 500 emeralds & 100 diamonds

To raise the Hard-Working Skill from 33 to 34 will be 50, 000, 180 emeralds & 25 diamonds

To raise the Photogenic skill from 34 to 35 will be 60,000, 200 emeralds, 30 diamonds

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