Fights and Challenges

Fame Points – This determines where you will be in the ranking

Club Skill Points – These are the points that the club buys to raise your individual

scores(Popular), chances at emeralds(Photogenic), dollars collected from your job(Hard Working) and how many people are let into our club (Hospitable).


Club Level - This is the combined score of the Club Skill Points.

Individual Skill Points – These are the skills that each lady earns on her own. The higher each lady’s skills are the greater chances at winning. This is why most Higher clubs want 50+ in each skill for each lady.

Winning Trophies –Taking a trophy from another club that we won against

Losing Trophies - The team that loses the fight loses the trophy

Dumping Trophies - Purposely challenging a team that is low and then telling everyone not to join or fighting a club that is too high with the purpose of getting rid of a trophy. The reason clubs dump trophies is because trophies lower the points of each team member during fights by 10 percent. Having too many trophies can make lose too many fights. Another reason is because a club may have too many trophies and they want to make room for a new one.

Winning Fights – Require a combination of things. The top three things are having high Individual Skills, High in Hospitable (only because more ladies, more points) and thirdly the club skill Popular. These three things pretty much ensure we will win against or never be challenged by MOST clubs on Lady Popular. Notice I said most. That is because there will still be some clubs we won't win against. The clubs in the top 10 we will usually not win against unless they are dumping a trophy. This is because their skills, points and fame are all too high. Take a look at their fame and club points! Lastly, eggs and tomatoes will help us to win only if the other club is close in level, points and fame and doesnt use eggs or tomatoes agianst us too.

Losing Fights- Basically it is the reverse of all of the above. Having lower club skills, individual skills and/ or using less tomatoes or eggs will cause a loss. Oh yes, and if we are dumping a trophy ourselves.

Who we can fight - Someone with no more than 50% of our fame or with no less than 50 percent of our fame. So, if our fame is 100 a club that is at 201 we would NOT be able to fight them. Nor would we be able to fight someone with fame of 49. However, as you have read above, some teams are not suitable opponents because their points are too high in club level, skills and fame. Someone who is is not being challenged already by anothe club (only the President and the Vice Presidents will know this information).

Who we cannot fight - Someone with fame that is too low or too high. A club that is already being challenged by another club. Sometimes we see a good opponent then realize someone else is challengeing them. :(

Losing to Win – There will be times when we have to lose to ultimately win. When the club sends out the "dont join the fight" message" that means we need to dump a trophy or lose fame.

How often we can fight. - We can only fight once a day. That's it.

Eggs and Tomatoes - Sometimes when a fight is close, meaning we have similiar points and levels to the opposing team, we might use eggs and tomatoes to gain an edge. However, it doesnt happen often as we try to fight people we can either clearly win or lose against. That is why we stay on top.

Watching Fights- Go to Club Log

Ultimate Goal – To have High Skills, High Level and High Fame

The Bottom line is all clubs have their ups and downs. The clubs that seem to have more ups than downs are clubs that have been around the longest and got in on the ground floor of the game. They are the ones that have reached our Ultimate Goal. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Our success will not either. We have climbed up the latter so fast. Look around at the other clubs on the first page. Notice their start dates. They are all months ahead of ours. That is why we must stick together. We want to continue to grow fast and go to the very top!

Lady Popular says...

In order to participate in the fight the members of the attacker’s club have to sign up, otherwise their ladies won’t take part in the attack.

All members of the defender’s club participate in the fight automatically without signing up.

Participants in club challenge don’t need to be online at the time of the fight.

Club fight is a series of duels between ladies from opponent clubs.

When the club fight starts with the first duel, one lady from both clubs stand against each other and the popularity characteristics of both ladies are compared and subtracted from one another. The winner is the lady with more characteristics different than 0 left. If the result is even the sum of all characteristics left is compared and the lady having the bigger sum wins the duel.

The winner of the duel stays in the club fight with her popularity characteristics left from the previous duel and stands against the next lady from the opponent’s club.

The winner of the club fight is the club which has at least one member who hasn't lost a duel.

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